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Alex Hatoum, San Diego, IHS, ihs-i, Roddenberry IHS

Alex Hatoum, MHS


Alex Hatoum is the Managing Director at Infinitum Humanitarian Systems (IHS), a private sector social business built on a profit-for-purpose model, and focused on global health and capacity building in the developing world. He is responsible for all international business initiatives, including business incubation management and overseas research support. A native speaker of English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, Alex has traveled extensively throughout the Americas, working in both governmental and private-sector positions.

After an education in multiple countries that included a degree in International Business and in an extended program in International Security and Conflict Resolution at San Diego State University, he accepted a position with the US Marshals Service on their Violent Crimes Task Force and spent several productive years actively opposing transnational criminal organizations.

During those years, Alex worked alongside the US military on a broad range of such trans-boundary issues before accepting a commission from the United States Army. There he continued to work on issues related to information flow across international borders. After years of decorated service, he left the Army to continue his education, completing a Master’s degree in Homeland Security.


After graduation, he took an assignment with the US Office of National Drug Control Policy where he worked on several cross-border policy projects. He also led the team that created the first federally-recognized forensic pathology graduate training program within Mexico.

He lives with his wife, Denisse, and their son, in Southern California.​

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