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Roddenberry Foundation IHS Disaster Response Team

Roddenberry Foundation

Disaster Response Team


In mid-November 2013, roughly ten days after Supertyphoon Haiyan devastated the Central Philippines, the Roddenberry Foundation, supported by the Star Trek franchise, funded the deployment of a Disaster Response Team (DRT) for a carefully targeted 10 day mission. The goal was to identify unmet needs and to provide guidance in the use of new technologies and processes for disaster relief. The team was then tasked with establishing a place for such new capabilities in the design of future response plans.

The success of that mission to Haiyan prompted the Roddenberry Foundation to establish a formal Roddenberry Disaster Response Team at IHS to provide two closely integrated services:

•  Water Distribution: Water sourced from anywhere (river, lake, stream, irrigation ditch, rice paddy, cistern...anywhere not salt) and purified on-site for distribution to both survivors and, if needed, to responders. 

• Vulnerability mitigation assessments: The deployment of teams trained to evaluate
fragility in a dozen sectors - water, energy, power, food, transportation, and more.

We are always looking for qualified and experienced team members. Please get in touch.

Our Water Aid and Renewable Power System (WARP)
Jeremie, Haiti - Hurricane Mathew
Loiza, Puerto Rico - Hurricane Maria
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