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The Working Group on World Wide Human Geography Data (WWHGD)


For more than a decade, from 2011 to 2023, and in collaboration with the systems integrator Booz|Allen|Hamilton, IHS moderated a global Working Group on Human Geography Data. At its peak, the Working Group had more than 4,600 members across more than 100 countries. Our live conferences and our webinars, which were always free and open, brought together panels of global experts to discuss issues of human security with a geography focus.


Topics we covered included the demographics of the Baltic States, water issues in the Sahel, the geopolitics of the Arctic, and the impact of climate change on disease distribution. Each webinar event was recorded and published for later viewing, all data we collected was made freely available, and digital bibliographies were provided as a reference resource.


Regrettably, that effort, which included a weekly newsletter and a monthly podcast, had its funding re-directed by NGA and the US State Department, and so came to an end. We've left a few of the Working Group's resources here. Please contact us if you have any questions.  

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